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Dark N Stormy
Blend of Dark rum, Ginger Beer & Lime

Espresso Martini

Blend of freshly brewed Espresso, vodka & Liqueur


Blend of Hendrix Gin, raspberry & Lime

Vesper Martini

Blend of Gin, Vodka & White vermouth


Blend of Gin, Vodka, served with a fresh olive



Blend of white rum, lime & fresh mint

Passionfruuit Martini

Blend of Flavoured vodka, martini & Lime

Pina Colada

Blend of white rum, coconut & pineapple

Raspberry Vodka Fizz

Blend of Raspberry vodka, Prosecco & fresh raspberry

Rose Spritz

Blend of Rose Wine & Prosecco

Elderflower Gin Fizz

Blend of Elderflower gin & Prosecco

The sours

Blend of Sours, Lemonade & Fruit

The Old Fashion

Blend of Whiskey, bitters & orange


Blend of vodka, cointreau, cranberry & Lime


Blend of Tequila, cointreau & Lime


Blend of White rum, citrus fruits & Lime

Pink Gin Prosecco

Blend of pink gin, Lemonade, Prosecco & Strawberry

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