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Bread and Nibbles

 All bread also available gluten free

Toasted ciabatta garlic bread  -  £4  with cheese  -  £4.50

Toasted ciabatta garlic and chilli bread  -  £4.25  with cheese  -  £4.75


Warm ciabatta bread drizzled with pesto, with an olive oil and balsamic syrup dip  -  £3.50

Warm ciabatta bread topped with garlic and chorizo finished with parmesan  -  £4.60

Big green olives marinated in olive oil  -  £4 gf

Boilie goats cheese balls and big green olives infused with herb and garlic oil  -  £4.95 gf


Starter Plates

Homemade smooth chicken liver pate with toasted ciabatta and Mojac's red onion chutney  -  £7.25 *

Avocado, beetroot, feta cheese, crispy smoked bacon and onion salad finished with a coriander, ginger and chilli dressing  -  £7.50 gf

Twice baked mature cheese soufflé served on a locally smoked haddock creamy sauce  -  £7.95

Homemade smoked mackerel pate with toasted homemade sun-dried tomato bread  -  £7

A classic crayfish cocktail with Mojac's tomato cocktail dressing and wholemeal bread  -  £8 *

Fresh homemade pumpkin soup served with warm ciabatta bread  -  £6*

*(can be served with gluten free bread)

Main Plates


Pan fried escalope of chicken dusted with Cajun spices and breadcrumbs served with fried herb new potatoes, onions and wilted rocket salad finished with our creamy Cajun sauce  -  £15.25 gf

Roasted pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and stuffed with a black pudding and chipolata stuffing served with sage and onion mash and a pork and whisky sauce  -  £15.95

Roasted rump of lamb, cooked pink, with a vegetable and potato ratatouille finished with a lamb gravy  -  £17.95 gf

Pan fried breast of Gressingham duck teriyaki, cooked medium, served with fried rice and spring onions in Chinese five spice topped with roasted peppers  -  £17.50

Stuffed baked plaice fillet with a smoked salmon and mushroom stuffing served with sundried tomato polenta chips finished with fresh parmesan and a creamy chive fish sauce  -  £18.50 gf

Pan fried coley (a member of the cod family) with a with a coriander crust, pea puree, triple cooked chips and homemade tartar sauce   -  £14 gf

Portobello mushrooms served with a pepper and aubergine ratatouille topped with mozzarella and served on roasted pumpkin and puy lentils with fried new potatoes  -  £14.50 gf


All main courses are accompanied by a bowl of fresh vegetables

Pudding Plates


Raspberry pavlova topped with raspberries and cream finished with a raspberry coulis  -  £6.25 gf


Mojac's black forest dessert - layered homemade chocolate brownie, cream, black cherries and chocolate syrup finished with cherry sauce  -  £6.25 gf

Orange panna cotta with a homemade tuile biscuit and orange and chocolate ice cream  -  £6.25

Rum Baba soaked in rum filled with cream finished with a chocolate and rum syrup  -  £6.25

Homemade glazed lemon tart with clotted cream  -  £6.25

A selection of New Forest ice creams  -  £5.25


A selection of cheeses served with celery, homemade chutney and pickled onions  -  £8.50 (can be served with gluten free biscuits)

gf - indicates the dish is gluten free.  Many of our sauces are now also dairy free - please ask for details.

Last updated 4 October 2017
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